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“Coils” – Exploring Minimalist Jewelry

Coil Pendants

Trio of “Coil” Pendants, Just after completion.

I’ve been away from posting on my blog. Mostly because I’ve been busy – both here, with jewelry design and keeping up with the new work…but also, frankly, because blogging is not something that comes naturally to me. A lot of ideas for my work are locked up in my head, and it’s hard to get onto paper (or digital – and public – versions of paper, anyway).

But. Why not try something new? This applies to blogging, as well as my jewelry.

My work has developed quite a bit since my last posts in 2015. Although I’m still enamored of the work I’ve done (from lost wax casting to stone setting, chains, and even wood inlay – new since 2017), I feel the need to play with new forms, techniques, and styles.

This summer (2018), I have decided to create a line that is lightweight, fun, and modern – a line with clean lines, simple textures, and mixed metals. Of course, I still love organic shapes, asymmetry, and mixed metals – so some of these elements are a part of this.

Bronze Bar Necklace with Blue Artistic Wire “Coil”

Silver Coil Pendant

Sterling Silver “Coil” Pendant

My pendants in this line will be paired with hemp cord – organic, strong, and lightweight. Good with t-shirts, summer dresses, and the like. My earrings will have sterling silver ear wires and lots of movement.

What I DON’T have right now is a large number of photos of my new work! This will have to change.

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