Coil Pendants

Trio of “Coil” Pendants, Just after completion.

I’ve been away from posting on my blog. Mostly because I’ve been busy – both here, with jewelry design and keeping up with the new work…but also, frankly, because blogging is not something that comes naturally to me. A lot of ideas for my work are locked up in my head, and it’s hard to get onto paper (or digital – and public – versions of paper, anyway).

But. Why not try something new? This applies to blogging, as well as my jewelry.

My work has developed quite a bit since my last posts in 2015. Although I’m still enamored of the work I’ve done (from lost wax casting to stone setting, chains, and even wood inlay – new since 2017), I feel the need to play with new forms, techniques, and styles.

This summer (2018), I have decided to create a line that is lightweight, fun, and modern – a line with clean lines, simple textures, and mixed metals. Of course, I still love organic shapes, asymmetry, and mixed metals – so some of these elements are a part of this.

Bronze Bar Necklace with Blue Artistic Wire “Coil”

Silver Coil Pendant

Sterling Silver “Coil” Pendant

My pendants in this line will be paired with hemp cord – organic, strong, and lightweight. Good with t-shirts, summer dresses, and the like. My earrings will have sterling silver ear wires and lots of movement.

What I DON’T have right now is a large number of photos of my new work! This will have to change.

When looking at my work for 2014, and looking forward to 2015, I have realized a new path my work will be heading (and has been heading).


I’ll be focusing on pieces that are balanced but asymmetrical – like this necklace:

Antiqued Copper, Sterling Silver, Pearl and Vintage Glass Asymmetrical Chain Necklace

Antiqued Copper, Sterling Silver, Pearl and Vintage Glass Asymmetrical Chain Necklace

Making many more chains and balancing with unusual stones and vintage glass in new ways. I’m pretty excited to really make this a focus for 2015!

This spring, I’ve been working on trying new designs in wax. As always, I love playing with organic shapes and forms in wax – be it tangled vine forms or more structured images using curvature and texture of leaves and bark! I decided to layer my vines a bit more densely in a series of medallions for bracelets. This is the result:

Cast Bracelet

Cast Bracelet

This piece is paired with malachite rounds and sterling silver clasp. I curved the medallions post-casting for contour on the wrist. But, let’s back up a bit. I started out with just the wax, upon sculpting:

Wax Bracelet Molds

Wax Bracelet Molds

Then, I attached sprues of wax to each piece, to make a little tree:

Bracelet Molds with Sprues

Bracelet Molds with Sprues

And then placed it in the flask. After adding investment (a type of plaster), it all goes in a kiln to bake away the wax, then the molten silver is forced into the mold. After MUCH cleaning, they were ready for final construction as the bracelet!

I’ll have more casting posts in the future, showing other styles of molds. Look for these at my shows this summer!